Random Tuesday

People, I have lost my talent.  Maybe.  I am an expert multi-tasker.  With baby now I think I have become even more efficient.  My official work hours are 8:30 – 4 and you better believe I’m pretty productive during that time.  If it can wait until tomorrow, I’m leaving it until tomorrow.  I want to be there to pick up the bundle at 4:02.  But back to the multi-tasking, I can’t seem to do it when I’m working on a post, and my blog is suffering.  And I’m falling behind on catching up reading some of my favorite blogs, which sucks even more. But I’ll get better.  Any words of wisdom?  Do you set aside specific bloggy time?

Well, until I can sort that out, Random Tuesday Thoughts is the perfect outlet for me.  


 Have you seen the whole pasta in a bread bowl thing?  How many more carbs can we fit into that ‘meal’, and I use the word meal loosely.  What if we top it with some mashed potato?

I met someone who pronounces “buffet” as “boofay”.

I met someone else who pronounces “amenity” as “ameenity”.

Do you Twitter?  Check this out:

It’s funny whether you Twitter or not and whether you get it or not.  

I bought a bag of prunes at Costco.  I like prunes, so there.  The problem is it is a big ass bag and even if I have 2 a day for the next month I will still have prunes in my fridge.  What do I do with them?  I made oatmeal cookies with cut up prunes and they rock.  I need ideas, what else you got?

The bundle is doing awesome. He is 5 months old today and so smiley and happy, he’s a lot of fun.  He is the star of his day care class.  Maybe just in my head.  

I love my french press coffee.

I’ve started wearing flats or low heels to work.  I used to be a 3″ girl when it came to shoes, but I’ve gone low now.  And they have to be easy to put on and off because there are no shoes allowed in the bundle’s room.

Today is going to be a great day.


7 responses to “Random Tuesday

  1. I’ve seen that Twitter video.
    Too funny!

  2. i like prunes too. i recently decided to try them because i thought they were getting a bad wrap, and i was delighted to find that i was correct. they’re just dried plums – i don’t know why somebody had to go and give them a gross-sounding name! even though i like them, i don’t really know what to do with them – sorry! maybe put them in oatmeal or cheerios or something?

    • crazylovescompany

      It’s funny that you say that. I remember about 10 years ago the “prune council” or whatever it’s called, did a whole campaign to change the perception of the prune. “It’s just a dried plum!” No other dried fruit has a different name, right? Have you noticed that some are sold individually wrapped? Like candy. But not.

  3. I am enthralled that you met someone who says “boofay.”

    Yeah, I’m amazed that anyone with a little baby can blog, at all, ever. I think if I were in your shoes, I would choose extra cuddling or extra sleeping. Just blog when you get the urge and don’t stress about it!

  4. That twitter video still cracks me up even after seeing so many times! I fall behind and then catch up and then fall behind… it is a constant balance!

  5. Prunes are good in oatmeal, or in cold cereal.

  6. Rasins – dried grapes.

    Flats/low heels are a mom’s best friend. and lip gloss

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