Random Tuesday- Thank God Because These Were Taking Up Too Much Space in My Brain

People, it’s been a helluva few weeks.  This is my third week back to work, the bundle is 4 1/2 months old and growing like a week.  An adorable weed.  He has survived day care, and more surprisingly, so have I.  Tangental, stream of consciousness this morning, for your reading pleasure.  Leave a note, I’d love to visit yours!  

Thanks UnMom for the inspiration!  Don’t forget to visit her site via the button below.

My husband loves American Idol.  

American Idol is a time suck and bor-ing.

My dog pays attention when the punky rock chic sings.

My dog has boundary issues.  Literally.

Can anyone have sex when their dog is staring at them?

I love it when my baby just looks at me, staring at me, past me sometimes.

My baby has just started sleeping through the night.

God I love sleep.

I can’t wait until I can sleep on my stomach. (see post on engorgement here)

My stomach is not exactly back to pre-babyness.

I remember pre-baby, Husband and I would go out every weekend: movies, dinner, drinks, parties.

We saw a movie on demand and I drank a BOTTLE of wine myself and he had a beer.  That was our date on Saturday.


We saw Rachel Getting Married.  Not a chick flick.  It was good.  Interesting story, good dialogue.

I love movies with good dialogue and am so over the action packed flicks.

That said, I kinda am looking forward to the new Transformer movie coming out this summer.

Not looking forward to Terminator 4.

I am looking forward to sleeping through the night!


11 responses to “Random Tuesday- Thank God Because These Were Taking Up Too Much Space in My Brain

  1. It’s just a life changer when they start to sleep through the night.

    I’ve gotten to the point I can’t even really remember what I did pre baby on the weekends. I seem to recollect that I was cooler and spent more money, but that’s as far as I get.

    I hate when animals are watching – definitely weirds me out.

    Happy Random Tuesday.

  2. Agree with you on the AI thing.
    I just don’t get it.

  3. Congrats on getting some sleep, it makes all the difference. You’re still spry if you can kick back with a bottle of wine. After one beer, I’m passed out on the couch.

  4. I, too, love sleep. But can’t sleep on my stomach, ever.

    You know what’s worse than having sex with a dog watching you? Having your kid walk in on you! Luckily you have awhile before that’s possible. (And, yes, she says “it scarred me for life!”)

  5. I couldn’t get into Rachel getting Married. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance. But I was digging Slumdog Millionare.

  6. rachel getting married wasn’t what i expected. i still liked it though.

    the little guy is 16 months old- and i’m still looking forward to a full night of sleep.

  7. First of all, may be a stupid question (I’m good at those) but is there a way to follow your blog…besides putting you in my favorites folder which I’m way too lazy to go look through on a regular basis…? And since there was a “first of all” you know there will be a secondly coming…I can’t remember what it’s like to have a date with my hubby… I vaguely remember something about holding hands, dinner out etc. but was thinking it was a delusion I had during those sleepless nights back when my little one was first born. Hope you have a great mother’s day (a full night of sleep would be a great gift huh?)

    • crazylovescompany

      Firstly, there would be if I had an RSS feed, but I haven’t looked into how that works yet. But thanks! Secondly, a good mother’s day to you to and I hope you get as much sleep as you want! Or at least to lie in bed.

  8. Sleeping through the night already! Precocious!

    So glad to hear that being back at work is going well. Sounds like you’ve got your groove back.

  9. You are lucky to have that baby sleeping through the night. Lock the dog out of the room, grab the wine, and have sex without it staring at you. Maybe you should tape idol for the dog so he will have some entertainment?

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