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Wi-Fi in the Sky

So, you probably heard that most airlines are now providing WiFi on the planes, for a per-use fee.  David Pogue of the NYTimes wrote a post about his experience at the beginning of the year.   Joe Sharkey also of the NYTimes wrote more recently, in more detail.  How do you feel about WiFi on planes?   I know that when I used to travel for work I cherished that time on the plane to do absolutely nothing.  When I traveled it was for something intense.  An important client meeting that we prepared for for days; a tradeshow that meant 12 hour days on my feet for 3 days; hours of shmoozing, which I hated…  So, 2 – 8 hours on a plane?  Relatively to myself?  I could listen to music, read, vege out, whatever.  I was secure in the knowledge that my laptop was secure in the overhead compartment and I wouldn’t need to look at it again until I got to work the next day, or at least got home.  I know, I could still work on the laptop without the internet, but I didn’t.  It wasn’t productive time for me.  The airport, sure.  But not on the plane.

So yea for technology everywhere!  bah humbug.  If they make it ok for cell phones use on planes, we’re all finished. Can you imagine the din of mindless chatter?  What’s next?  Manis and pedis on planes?  Well, actually, that would be ok.


What To Do When It’s Raining

Hi.  I’m prefacing this list with the following statement:  I know it’s not a spectacularly interesting list, it’s purely selfish. 

I need your help readers, please.  I need good ideas for what the hell to do on the weekend when it’s raining.

Here is what I have so far:

  • go to the mall
  • reacquaint myself with my husband
  • go to the mall
  • play ping pong in the basement (this isn’t a euphanism, we have a table)
  • go to SuperTarget

There must be other things to do right?  I live on the north side of Atlanta, a major city.  There must be things to do.  Keep in mind we have a baby; and sometimes we just need to get out of the house.  Help a girl out please!

Whoopsie- Congrats Kris Allen

My bad.  Good job Kris.  Last night I thought for sure Adam was going to win AI.  Frankly, you were never my favorite but in the last few weeks you did seem more comfortable with yourself and I think that really came through finally.   Points for being so humble in the end, but you could really have taken a little of the spotlight.  It was generous of you to keep acknowledging your competitors, but once was enough.  I wonder if it was close or if you won by a landslide.  Did they say?  I missed part because I was trying to catch the end of Dirty Dancing.  I can’t get enough spontaneous choreographed dancing.

Dirty Dancing Idol 9:30

Ok, that Nick/ Norman Gentle thing was hilarious on Idol.  I love Queen Latifah.

Mr. Boss Man

This is our last night together lover.

Fergie was ok.  KISS was weird.  Keith Urban, good.  

How funny is Baby’s sister, Lisa, when she is practicing for the closing number in her shorty shorts and singing that hawaiin song?

I know Johnny didn’t take the wallet.  And the reason I know, is because I was with him.

Ok, I’m getting pushed out for stupid AI.  We know Adam is going to win.  Even though he wore that stupid shoulder thing for his song with KISS.  How small is Ryan Seacrest?  Not like that.  When he stands next to anyone, except Kris, he looks so small, Kris must be really small.

Good thing I know this movie by heart and could probably act out all the parts by myself.  What?  You’re jealous?  Please, I know you know all the lines too.  And don’t forget, nobody puts baby in the corner.

American Idol, 8:10pm

Adam won.

Just kidding, but I have to flip between Idol and DD now and I hope Adam wins.  OMG, Kris and Adam are both wearing all white.  ewww.  OMG, it’s a thing.  The top 13 just sang “So What” by pink.  Does anyone have some crackers because this is a lot of cheese.

Dirty Dancing 8pm

Johnny and Penny are dancing in the staff quarters; being all sexy.

“I carried a watermelon.”

I love how Johnny tries to teach Baby to dance and after the song ends he swings her around and then leaves and she’s all “wooh” and delirious.

When I saw this originally I was 13 and totally did not get what was going on with Penny later on in the movie.  When I saw it again a few years later it was like, oh.  god that’s horrible.

OK, Patrick Swayze was HOT in this movie.  Raise your hand if you had the poster from the last dance of the  movie on your wall.  Did you have the sound track on cassette and wear it out?  Literally?  While dancing in your bedroom?

Live blogging – Dirty Dancing, 7:30pm

People.  Dirty Dancing changed my life.  How did it change my life?  I became a professional dancer just like Penny.  And it’s on TV right now.  They made a 96 minute movie last from 7:30 – 10.  WTF?  Ok, just kidding.  But in my room I was totally professional and sexy.

So far, best lines:

“You just put your pickle on everybody’s plate college boy and leave the hard stuff to me.”

“Oh, Lisa’s going to decorate it.”

We’re in Trouble


It’s Sooo Good!


Random Tuesday

People, I have lost my talent.  Maybe.  I am an expert multi-tasker.  With baby now I think I have become even more efficient.  My official work hours are 8:30 – 4 and you better believe I’m pretty productive during that time.  If it can wait until tomorrow, I’m leaving it until tomorrow.  I want to be there to pick up the bundle at 4:02.  But back to the multi-tasking, I can’t seem to do it when I’m working on a post, and my blog is suffering.  And I’m falling behind on catching up reading some of my favorite blogs, which sucks even more. But I’ll get better.  Any words of wisdom?  Do you set aside specific bloggy time?

Well, until I can sort that out, Random Tuesday Thoughts is the perfect outlet for me.  


 Have you seen the whole pasta in a bread bowl thing?  How many more carbs can we fit into that ‘meal’, and I use the word meal loosely.  What if we top it with some mashed potato?

I met someone who pronounces “buffet” as “boofay”.

I met someone else who pronounces “amenity” as “ameenity”.

Do you Twitter?  Check this out:

It’s funny whether you Twitter or not and whether you get it or not.  

I bought a bag of prunes at Costco.  I like prunes, so there.  The problem is it is a big ass bag and even if I have 2 a day for the next month I will still have prunes in my fridge.  What do I do with them?  I made oatmeal cookies with cut up prunes and they rock.  I need ideas, what else you got?

The bundle is doing awesome. He is 5 months old today and so smiley and happy, he’s a lot of fun.  He is the star of his day care class.  Maybe just in my head.  

I love my french press coffee.

I’ve started wearing flats or low heels to work.  I used to be a 3″ girl when it came to shoes, but I’ve gone low now.  And they have to be easy to put on and off because there are no shoes allowed in the bundle’s room.

Today is going to be a great day.