Slim Bovine Ice Cream Review

Because this is important.  

Yes, I love Skinny Cow.  It used to just be the ice cream sandwiches,  but now, now, they have something new.  A “Truffle Bar”.  On a stick.  I’ve had the chocolate, I don’t bother with vanilla, and it is… good.  The ice cream is not dense, it feels like it has been whipped; it is airy and creamy and very chocolately.  For 100 calories, I haven’t found a better portion controlled ice cream out there.  

They also have “Skinny Dippers”, which were good to me, but not as good the Truffle Bar. The Skinny Dippers come in either caramel or vanilla ice cream with a chocolatey coating on about half the bar.  They are 80 calories each and like I said, good, but I’m a chocolate girl so I’ll go back to the Truffle Bar. 

It doesn’t replace a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food (OMG!) or Breyers mint chocolate chip, but I’m trying lose a little more weight as I start my new job here and I am NOT going to give up ice cream.  So, Skinny Cow, here I come.


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