Have you seen the new Old Navy ads?  OMG, I love them.  The mannequins talk with each other, acknowledging their mannequin-ness.  I’m sure there’s a word for that, but I don’t know what it is.  The Huffington Post actually has a good write up about their whole new campaign.  

And the Comcast ads with Bill and Karolyn?  The turtles?  The Slowskys?  Love them.  Yes her name is spelled with a ‘K’.  Not to promote a company that I personally find a pain in the ass, but the Slowskys have their own site.  Yes they do.

I love TV advertisements.   Not just the ads, but thinking what went into making the ad, why did they choose this and that, and am I really their target market?  Or am I watching a program that isn’t typically watched by 35 year old married women with a baby?  Did they mean to advertise a drug to help people stop smoking during Breaking Bad, where the main character is dying of lung cancer?  Or was that a mistake?  That happens you know.  A company can ask to advertise, or not advertise during specific programs, but mistakes happen.

This is also an innovative idea, but it makes a lousy ad.  A section of road in California had ruts put into it so when a car drives over it, the people in the car hear the William Tell Overture.  Honda says it’s best heard in a Honda, but really, can it matter?   And what are they promoting exactly in the ad?  Did you even remember it was a Honda?

I like ads that make me feel something, laugh, cry, something.  

What’s caught your attention?


One response to “Ads

  1. those old navy ads scare me, but I love the slowskys,

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