What Did You Do To Your Sister?

My sister is 5 years younger than me and even though we are on opposite coasts, we are closer now than ever.  Maybe BECAUSE we are on opposite coasts.  She’s turned into a wonderful person.  A woman even.  She’s been on my mind because she’s hitting 30 this month and certainly taking stock of her life.  She’s in good shape I think.  Married to a wonderful guy, reasonably healthy, gainfully employed in a job she loves, enjoys her hobbies and has great friends. Never been to jail, no restraining orders on her, or set by her, and she has had no speeding tickets.  Yep, she’s turned out all right.  

But man, 20 years ago was she a pain in the ass.  When I was about 8, 9 or 10, we had fun; and then when I hit about 13 she became less interesting, unless I needed someone to take the blame for something.  She however, had great fun stealing clothes out of my closet.  She was tall, so she could make it work.  To top it off, when SHE hit 13, she got all the boobs.  ALL the boobs.  I have none. When breasts were being handed out in our family, I wasn’t even considered.   Lets see, she got boobs, I got…. what did I get?  Oh, sparkling personality.  Let me tell you, no one notices the sparkling personality from across the room.

Anyway, thinking of her lead me to the things we did to each other when we were little.  Her things were much worse, I’ll save that for another day.  In no particular order, things I did to my sister, because I love her like only a big sister can:

  • Put Orajel (numbing stuff for your gums when you have braces) on her toothbrush
  • Made her clean my room in exchange for borrowing an article of clothing 
  • Told her an outfit was cool, when it was really more Punky Brewster than Samantha Micelli (only a few times, she was a reflection on me after all, and hey, it was late 80’s, early 90’s)
  • Threw cups of cold water on her over the curtain while she was in the shower (several times)

Not bad right?  What have you got?  Oh, and new job starting today.  Hope to post about that later.  

Shout out to abdpbt for Listlessness Mondays!


One response to “What Did You Do To Your Sister?

  1. I’m the youngest sister of three. I’ve always been the more outgoing one in our family and both of my sisters were VERY shy. Especially when they were teenagers and I was just a little squirt. What I would do was torture their boyfriends or tell boys that they liked them. I would do what ever I could to embarrass them. I was a little turd. But the best part is as adults they’ve tried to pay me back by returning the favors with my boyfriends but unfortunately for them I’m still not a bit shy. So I only found what they did funny. But, while it may sound like I had the upper hand, in reality I was still the little sister and therefore I was a great target when a hairbrush needed to be tossed at someone. I wasn’t shy at all but I also wasn’t a quick as they were at catching me.

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