Coffee Shops- The Untapped Resource

We had a major storm blow through here on Monday and prior to that my MIL was here for THREE weeks, so posting was a little light.  Understatement perhaps?  Plus, the days are screwed up in my mind.  I almost posted a Wordless Wednesday item, but today is not Wednesday.

I treated myself to a coffee yesterday to celebrate the new job I’m starting on Monday; more on that later, (primarily mommy guilt and engorgement, so that will be fun to discuss).  In this coffee shop, one that offers free wireless, EVERY table was taken by someone with a laptop.  There were job interviews being conducted, careers being discussed, job loss being lamented and job searches taking place.  It was a hot bed of activity.  

I think there is a niche here for something.  Coffee shops today are used for more than a beverage and a muffin.  More than networking.  There could be an area dedicated to polishing up interview skills, maybe resume refinement, outfit evaluation. Please, I could do that.  I watched a woman hobble into the coffee shop and her high heels were clearly killing her.  30 minutes later she came out (I wasn’t in a hurry) and she actually took her shoes off before she was barely out the door.   Each table could do something else and there would be one expert at each table.  The coffee shop could take a cut, or maybe an increase in biz would be enough incentive.  It’s a one stop shop: resume, interview, career coach, ensemble suggestions.  I love the idea the more I think about it.  I would criticize someone’s outfit help someone find the best outfit for their interiew for the price of a large skim mocha.  Cheap!

Ok, maybe that idea won’t take off, but you think about a lot of things when you are sitting in a coffee shop.  I had a little struggle getting the stroller through the door for some reason, pulling is always harder than pushing for me, and a guy inside at the sugar stand actually caught me just as I made it through and apologized for not getting the door for me.  Did I look upset?  I don’t think so, so that was sweet.  He was hot too.  Not that it matters.  Totally irrelevant.  I had done my hair and makeup too.  Not that it matters.  I don’t expect someone to go out of their way to help me through the door, but if you’re going in or out of the same, it’s a nice gesture right?  Like you’d hold the door for someone, stroller or not.  I wouldn’t venture out of the house if I couldn’t handle myself and the baby.  

On that note there are so many things I can now do one handed while the other holds the baby, I don’t know how that happened.  PB&J? no problem.  Pee?  no problem.  Let the dog out, get her back in and take off her noisy collar?  no problem.  Open that new stroller?  just barely, but no problem.  Make notes about how I’m dreading and looking forward to going back to work?  Absolutely.


One response to “Coffee Shops- The Untapped Resource

  1. Whoa, congrats on a new job! What is it?? Inquiring minds await. And yeah, coffee shops are like community centers now. I find this a little difficult, since whenever I have a moment to actually get coffee in a coffee shop, I like to sit there, drink it, and zone out.

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