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Slim Bovine Ice Cream Review

Because this is important.  

Yes, I love Skinny Cow.  It used to just be the ice cream sandwiches,  but now, now, they have something new.  A “Truffle Bar”.  On a stick.  I’ve had the chocolate, I don’t bother with vanilla, and it is… good.  The ice cream is not dense, it feels like it has been whipped; it is airy and creamy and very chocolately.  For 100 calories, I haven’t found a better portion controlled ice cream out there.  

They also have “Skinny Dippers”, which were good to me, but not as good the Truffle Bar. The Skinny Dippers come in either caramel or vanilla ice cream with a chocolatey coating on about half the bar.  They are 80 calories each and like I said, good, but I’m a chocolate girl so I’ll go back to the Truffle Bar. 

It doesn’t replace a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food (OMG!) or Breyers mint chocolate chip, but I’m trying lose a little more weight as I start my new job here and I am NOT going to give up ice cream.  So, Skinny Cow, here I come.


Have you seen the new Old Navy ads?  OMG, I love them.  The mannequins talk with each other, acknowledging their mannequin-ness.  I’m sure there’s a word for that, but I don’t know what it is.  The Huffington Post actually has a good write up about their whole new campaign.  

And the Comcast ads with Bill and Karolyn?  The turtles?  The Slowskys?  Love them.  Yes her name is spelled with a ‘K’.  Not to promote a company that I personally find a pain in the ass, but the Slowskys have their own site.  Yes they do.

I love TV advertisements.   Not just the ads, but thinking what went into making the ad, why did they choose this and that, and am I really their target market?  Or am I watching a program that isn’t typically watched by 35 year old married women with a baby?  Did they mean to advertise a drug to help people stop smoking during Breaking Bad, where the main character is dying of lung cancer?  Or was that a mistake?  That happens you know.  A company can ask to advertise, or not advertise during specific programs, but mistakes happen.

This is also an innovative idea, but it makes a lousy ad.  A section of road in California had ruts put into it so when a car drives over it, the people in the car hear the William Tell Overture.  Honda says it’s best heard in a Honda, but really, can it matter?   And what are they promoting exactly in the ad?  Did you even remember it was a Honda?

I like ads that make me feel something, laugh, cry, something.  

What’s caught your attention?



Springtime fleece

Springtime fleece

It Didn’t Suck

Well,  yesterday was the first.  The first day of a new job for me and first day of day care for the bundle.  We have all emerged unscathed.  I just had a glass of wine.

I rushed to pick him up as soon as my half day was over and couldn’t wait to scoop him up.  (Side note: The awesome company is letting me leave at 12:30 for the first few days; their idea!)

He was having a bottle when I got there and was perfectly content.  When Husband dropped him off in the morning he called me to say that when he left him, he was engrossed in a toy and happy.  All the toys are new to him so I’m sure he loves it.  And seriously, the ladies there are awesome.  Anyway, I snatched him as soon as he was done, he stared at me with a blank stare, and then smiled.  A big gummy smile.  I snuggled.  He was in perfect condition.  Not a scratch. I don’t know what I expected, but you know, things go through your mind.

And work was fine.  You know the first few days are all: get to know how you work, how the company works, day to day stuff.  I didn’t spend the entire 4 hours thinking of the bundle, but I have never driven so fast to get somewhere as I did to pick him up.  I just wanted to see him and spend time with him.  sigh.

I’m sure it gets easier, but after all was said and done, it really went well.  


Have you tried the pre-made spinach salad from costco?  It has bacon and onions and mushrooms and cheese and egg and this killer poppyseed orange dressing on the side.  OMG it’s good and serves at least 4.  Highly recommend it; worth the $8.

How soon is too soon to start *trying* to get pregnant again?  The bundle is 4 months old, we’d like them about 2 years apart if we have any control over it and it would be now considered a “mature” pregnancy.  Fantastic.  I’d like my bod to get a little closer to pre-pregnancy weight, and it almost is, but part of me is like, what the hell, just get knocked up.  The other part of me says, “say what?”  The other part says to wait until bundle number one is out of diapers.  The other part says, times a-tickin lady.  The other part says, are you high right now?  

Also, the roast chicken from costco is pretty awesome for the price too.  And the rosemary bread?  Excellent with the spinach salad.  How bad can a salad be with cheese and bacon?

What Did You Do To Your Sister?

My sister is 5 years younger than me and even though we are on opposite coasts, we are closer now than ever.  Maybe BECAUSE we are on opposite coasts.  She’s turned into a wonderful person.  A woman even.  She’s been on my mind because she’s hitting 30 this month and certainly taking stock of her life.  She’s in good shape I think.  Married to a wonderful guy, reasonably healthy, gainfully employed in a job she loves, enjoys her hobbies and has great friends. Never been to jail, no restraining orders on her, or set by her, and she has had no speeding tickets.  Yep, she’s turned out all right.  

But man, 20 years ago was she a pain in the ass.  When I was about 8, 9 or 10, we had fun; and then when I hit about 13 she became less interesting, unless I needed someone to take the blame for something.  She however, had great fun stealing clothes out of my closet.  She was tall, so she could make it work.  To top it off, when SHE hit 13, she got all the boobs.  ALL the boobs.  I have none. When breasts were being handed out in our family, I wasn’t even considered.   Lets see, she got boobs, I got…. what did I get?  Oh, sparkling personality.  Let me tell you, no one notices the sparkling personality from across the room.

Anyway, thinking of her lead me to the things we did to each other when we were little.  Her things were much worse, I’ll save that for another day.  In no particular order, things I did to my sister, because I love her like only a big sister can:

  • Put Orajel (numbing stuff for your gums when you have braces) on her toothbrush
  • Made her clean my room in exchange for borrowing an article of clothing 
  • Told her an outfit was cool, when it was really more Punky Brewster than Samantha Micelli (only a few times, she was a reflection on me after all, and hey, it was late 80’s, early 90’s)
  • Threw cups of cold water on her over the curtain while she was in the shower (several times)

Not bad right?  What have you got?  Oh, and new job starting today.  Hope to post about that later.  

Shout out to abdpbt for Listlessness Mondays!

New Job- Mommy Guilt and Engorgement

So, tomorrow I start a new job.  I have been unemployed since September, which suited me fine since I was hugely pregnant at the time and have since enjoyed my time home with the Bundle, who is now 4 months old.

Bottom line is that I would like to stay home with him for a few more months, I always knew I wanted to go back to work, but an opportunity came up that was such a great fit, I took it.  It’s only 35 hours a week, literally 2 miles from my house, will likely be considerably less stress than any previous jobs I’ve had, and they seem to make a real effort on the work/ life balance front.  The company is small and the owners seem very together and efficient.  I’m pretty sure that if I passed this up, when I REALLY need to get a job down the road, it won’t be such a good deal.

Here is the guilt part in stream of consciousness:

No one can take care of my baby as well as I can, my husband and I can.  What if I miss some major milestone?  (If the day care is smart they won’t tell me what I miss.)  Other parents stay at home until their child is in school, why can’t we make it work?  I want to snuggle the bundle ALL the time.  Will they remember to put socks on his hands so he doesn’t scratch his head in his sleep again?  Will he even notice it’s not me?  Will he notice me when I pick him up?  Thank goodness Husband is going to drop him off for the first week or so.  Will he continue taking to formula?  Of course he will.  We introduced him to bottles/ formula this week and he’s been awesome at, bottles during the day, me at night.  I know I could pump, but frankly, I’m done with breast feeding.  It has its major pluses, but I just can’t do it anymore.  I don’t want to pump at night, or in my car, or in a bathroom.  I’m done.  My pediatritian says 4 months is good and the bundle is in good health, so it’s fine and not to worry.  I have to believe that moms that breast feed their kids until they are 2 years old are not better moms.  They just have tougher nipples and more privacy 

Here is the engorgement part, also via stream of consciousness:

Oh my god.  This isn’t right.  Oww.  Well, today is better.  When is that kid going to wake up so I can nurse him?  Would it be wrong to wake him up?  Just kidding, of course I wouldn’t.  God I miss sleeping on my stomach.  If husband tries to touch them one more time I’m smacking him.

Coffee Shops- The Untapped Resource

We had a major storm blow through here on Monday and prior to that my MIL was here for THREE weeks, so posting was a little light.  Understatement perhaps?  Plus, the days are screwed up in my mind.  I almost posted a Wordless Wednesday item, but today is not Wednesday.

I treated myself to a coffee yesterday to celebrate the new job I’m starting on Monday; more on that later, (primarily mommy guilt and engorgement, so that will be fun to discuss).  In this coffee shop, one that offers free wireless, EVERY table was taken by someone with a laptop.  There were job interviews being conducted, careers being discussed, job loss being lamented and job searches taking place.  It was a hot bed of activity.  

I think there is a niche here for something.  Coffee shops today are used for more than a beverage and a muffin.  More than networking.  There could be an area dedicated to polishing up interview skills, maybe resume refinement, outfit evaluation. Please, I could do that.  I watched a woman hobble into the coffee shop and her high heels were clearly killing her.  30 minutes later she came out (I wasn’t in a hurry) and she actually took her shoes off before she was barely out the door.   Each table could do something else and there would be one expert at each table.  The coffee shop could take a cut, or maybe an increase in biz would be enough incentive.  It’s a one stop shop: resume, interview, career coach, ensemble suggestions.  I love the idea the more I think about it.  I would criticize someone’s outfit help someone find the best outfit for their interiew for the price of a large skim mocha.  Cheap!

Ok, maybe that idea won’t take off, but you think about a lot of things when you are sitting in a coffee shop.  I had a little struggle getting the stroller through the door for some reason, pulling is always harder than pushing for me, and a guy inside at the sugar stand actually caught me just as I made it through and apologized for not getting the door for me.  Did I look upset?  I don’t think so, so that was sweet.  He was hot too.  Not that it matters.  Totally irrelevant.  I had done my hair and makeup too.  Not that it matters.  I don’t expect someone to go out of their way to help me through the door, but if you’re going in or out of the same, it’s a nice gesture right?  Like you’d hold the door for someone, stroller or not.  I wouldn’t venture out of the house if I couldn’t handle myself and the baby.  

On that note there are so many things I can now do one handed while the other holds the baby, I don’t know how that happened.  PB&J? no problem.  Pee?  no problem.  Let the dog out, get her back in and take off her noisy collar?  no problem.  Open that new stroller?  just barely, but no problem.  Make notes about how I’m dreading and looking forward to going back to work?  Absolutely.

Clotheslines In the Yard?

Why is it that in some places it’s totally ok to hang your laundry out on a line to dry, and some, not so much?  

Trailer park?  stereotypical, but ok

Suburban U.S.?  no

Urban U.S.? I have no idea; maybe just in West Side Story?

On a farm? sure

I spent a year in Brisbane, Australia in a very nice building of very nice condos, and on the roof of this 20 story building?  Clotheslines.  Tons of them.

What brought this topic on you may ask?  I just got back from a walk with Husband and the bundle and in the backyard of one of our neighbors down the street, was a clothesline that I’ve never seen used before.  What was on it?  No less than a dozen pairs of tighty whiteys, all hung the same way.  If it wasn’t in someone’s backyard I’d say it was art.  Picture it, 12 pairs of bright white underwear flapping in the Spring breeze.  Didn’t exactly say ‘classy’.  Ok by you?

I do the bare minimum, which really is sad. I hope my kids do better.

No rational person can possibly think that humans have not contributed to the global changes happening on our planet. I know my family doesn't do enough, but it's a start. We take public transit when we can, but not if it's really inconvenient, and it often is where we live. We use compact flourescent lights and recycle, but that seems like the bare minimum. We have low flow toilets and showerheads and save our rain water for watering outside during the summer.

Informal conversation seems to indicate that people generally want to help the environment, to do better. But not if it's 'hard'. Not if it's not convenient or puts us out in any way, or costs us money… and I know I fall in that category. I'm trying, but I hope my children do better.