Goin’ Back to Cali, Part II

So, I spent 2  1/2 weeks in California with my parents and the bundle, and we had a fantastic time.  It was an awesome visit; not just because the bundle got to spend time with his grandparents, and vice versa, that was awesome; but because of all the other stuff.  Maybe not because of, really it was in addition to.  Here’s a little glimpsey- poo into the other stuff.

My parents still have my old furniture in one of the rooms, including the one and only mattress I had since I was 8 years old.  That’s right people, same mattress from 8 years old, until I left for college at 17.  Writing that out doesn’t seem like it’s THAT long, but now I’m in my mid 30’s; still same mattress.  But I tell you what, it was so comfortable.  I know its’ squeaks, its’ soft spots; I like how the corner closest to the door dips a little from me bouncing on it when I was a kid.  I was afraid of the monster under my bed and at night I would jump from the hallway onto my bed, barely landing on the corner so the monster couldn’t reach out and snatch me.

In the wee hours, about 5am, I would feed the bundle and then hand him to grandma, who is a morning person (I am not) and have a few more hours of glorious sleep.  I’d come downstairs feeling good and there would be either grandma, with the bundle asleep on her chest, or grandpa with him snugged in the crook of his arm.  It was like a feel good movie.  I’d have coffee, feed the baby and then hand him back.  I think I changed one diaper while I was there and maybe burped him once, and it was so good.  I need a better word.  It was amazing, wonderful, fantastic, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  I love the bundle more than anything, but having someone who loves him so much, to share the day-to-day stuff with, was really special.

My mom is a saver.  While I was there I saw my old boom box laying on the floor with some other stuff.  It was my Wordless Wednesday a few weeks ago.  Do the kids still call it a boom box?  Probably not.  Definitely not a ghetto blaster.  This thing was kinda small, so not much ghetto blasting.  Anyway, fond memories were recalled of recording New Addition, Madonna and yes, Color Me Badd off the radio.  Don’t hate me.  And Journey, how great is Journey?!?

Start of Tangent:

Do you remember the first cassette tape you bought?  I was a little late to the game and bought Born In The USA.  And then it was Madonna, the one with the black and white cover that had Borderline and Lucky Star on it.  God that’s an awesome album.  I remember in Junior High when a girlfriend and I made up a dance to Lucky Star in our basement.  We were so cool.

End Tangent.

Anyway, after many long walks with the grandparents and the bundle and many lazy afternoons on the deck in the sunshine, we finally had to make our way back to Atlanta.  That’s a post in itself.  It was a vacation and I’m rested.  All ready for changing diapers.

But wait!  My MIL is coming for 3 weeks from out of country!  


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