Places I’ve changed the diaper

The bundle is 3 months old now and it took me until he was 2 months to venture any further than the mall.  Namely, at 11 weeks we went cross country to stay with the parents for 2 1/2 weeks.  We ventured.  We changed diapers.  Below is my small list of places I’ve changed the bundle, not very impressive.  I’m sure there are many of you with tales to tell.  So spill it.  And yes, I’m scraping the bottom of the LIST barrel.

  • on a boat!
  • Burger King booth (not the table)
  • airplane bathroom (not awesome)
  • trunk of the car (2x)
  • several public bathrooms
  • at home on changing table (duh)

Check out ABDPBT’s Listlessness Mondays!  Thanks Anna for the weekly inspiration!


4 responses to “Places I’ve changed the diaper

  1. Congrats on surviving a true adventure with your little one. Just a quick tip that has saved my life more than once: If you have a “travel system” style stroller, recline that bad-boy all the way down and BAM! Instant changing table that is even moderately private so as not to offend those who took a pass on the federal regs that are supposed to require changing tables in bathrooms.

    PS have never done airplane bathroom, you get my brave mommy award for the day!

  2. We’ve changed my first son’s diaper at the top of a lighthouse. In the fresh air. With just a little railing all around. Ponce Inlet Lighthouse south of Daytona Beach. I guess climbing to the top via the backpack was just too much for him. Twelve years and I won’t go up a lighthouse again.

  3. Let’s see–changing table (check), airplane bathroom (check), on the stroller (no changing table), trunk of car (infinity times), airport bathroom, bathroom at Staples center during Lakers games–SUCKS), while he is running around like a crazy person all over the upstairs of our home.

  4. I left my changing table cover at home and of course this is when I needed it most. I was in a public bathroom that did have a changing table that was so gross that I couldn’t even fathom laying my child down on it. My sister was with me so we changed my daughter…holding her up in the air. While one of us held her up the other wiped and changed. I’m sure we could have come up with a better solution but at the time it was the option we chose.

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