Random Tuesday Thoughts

Shout out to the Un-Mom!


There is a great newish show out there that evidently no one is watching; probably because it’s on AMC.  Or maybe I’m wrong and everyone is watching it but me.  It’s “Breaking Bad”.  It has the dad from “Malcom in the Middle”, Bryan Cranston, and another guy I haven’t seen before, Aaron Paul.  Bottom line is that Cranston’s character is a high school chemistry teacher that is dying of lung cancer and has 18 months to live.  His son has cerebral palsy and his wife is pregnant.  He wants his family to be financially set before he dies.  He stumbles on Paul, a former student, who evidently makes a lot of money from making and selling crystal meth.  I think this is what the critics call ‘gritty’.  It’s not a comedy, it’s not dark, but it’s serious and you can feel how desperate Cranston’s character is and how crazy Paul’s character could be.  It’s awesome, I highly recommend watching it from the beginning.

I needed the book for our next book club meeting (The Alchemist) and I didn’t want to buy it so I went to the library.  The only copy they had was large print, so I got it.  It made an easy read even easier.  Love it.
I miss cooking and baking.
Love these stainless steel brushed cuffs.  When I’m employed again I’m going to buy this.  
Four Weddings and a Funeral gets better and better each time I watch it.  Or, it sucks less.  I don’t know why I keep watching it.
I can’t wait for Rescue Me to come back on the air in April.  Have you seen the ads for it?  The actors are giants tramping through NYC and at the end one of the guys falls in Central Park, on Central Park really.  They don’t take themselves too seriously.
When I went back to my girlie doctor a few weeks ago she told me I could have sex again, now that I’m all healed up from the C-section.  Great.  She followed that with the nugget that if I’m breast feeding it will be hard for me to get pregnant during that time.  What?  Did I say something about wanting to go through this again?  Now?  Sure, hopefully we’re blessed with another bundle a year or two down the road, but sheesh!  Give a girl a break!  I’d like to have my breasts be my own for a while before we do this again.  I’d like my BODY to be my own for a while.  Am I naive here?  
My husband is so into American Idol this year and I can’t stand it.  Boooorrrriing.
I flew, with the 11 week old bundle, from Atlanta to San Francisco on Sunday. OMG.  There was an unexpected layover.  More on that later.

6 responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I love Breaking Bad. It was hard to watch for the first few episodes and not think “that’s the dad from Malcolm In The Middle” but once I got past it, I loved it.

  2. I’m a big breaking Bad fan, but it’s hard to watch with my older children. You’re not going to believe this but an old friend of mine, Vince Gilligan is the executive producer/writer. Fabulous, funny guy. I miss keeping in touch with him but he’s gotten, you know , all Hollywood just in that he know has lots of friends. Usually the ob’s tell you to be careful because you can still get pregnant while breastfeeding. Flying with infants… wow… I was always glad when those flights were over.

  3. Ooh, I haven’t heard anything about Breaking Bad. Will look for it.

    And careful, honey! I know several people who got pregnant while breastfeeding. I mean, not actually *while* breastfeeding, ya know, but while they were lactating. You get it.

  4. Gonna look into Breaking Bad now! May even break my self-imposed ban on tv. (More like disinterest but you know).

    And yeah, the not-preggo while breastfeeding thing is NOT foolproof. I’m kind of surprised your doctor even said that.

    I’m in the same boat. I’d like to give X a sibling, and the time to do that would be SOON, but uh…I like having my body be MINE. I’m selfish.

  5. Um, HELLO? I got pregnant while breastfeeding. It happens, sister. Don’t believe the hype.

  6. I just got into this show recently too. I didn’t expect to like it but really did! Bryan Cranston and co-star Aaron Paul will actually be chatting live with fans today on Fancast at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST. Visit the chat here- http://www.fancast.com/blogs/live-chat/live-chat-breaking-bad-stars-bryan-cranston-and-aaron-paul/

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