Listlessness Mondays- Super Powers

Everyone has talked about what super powers they would want, if super powers were being handed out.  Mine would be the ability to fly.  I know, whoop de doo, but I’d pick that over anything else, followed closely by being able to read the minds of all living creatures, including my dog.  Since I don’t think Obama’s To Do List includes handing out any super powers I’m writing it off.  However, there are what I call Super Skills that I wouldn’t mind.  Below, is my Listlessness Monday list of Super Skills, in order of importance, that I hope to acquire either by practice or maybe by being struck by lightning.  What are yours?

  1. the ability to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow
  2. the ability to sleep anywhere
  3. the ability to tell for 100% certainty if someone is lying
  4. the ability to win any argument (maybe stretching it a bit)
  5. the ability to gamble and do better than break even

In the same vein, read the hilarious post by Michelle at 5minutesforspecialneeds about her own superhero.


2 responses to “Listlessness Mondays- Super Powers

  1. I’d kill for those sleeping abilities too… alas, I’m a crappy sleeper.

  2. I’d like the sleeping ability, and I’d guess that with a newborn that would be even more useful. I already have #4, so I’m set. (stop looking at me like that)

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