Let’s talk about what matters- the ads

So, I watched the game up through halftime on Sunday. There was no way I could stay up past 8:30 since me and the bundle have a cold.  Whose bright idea was it to schedule the game at 6pmET?  So the Californians can watch it in the afternoon?  So the Hawaiians could watch it at noon, a reasonable time?  I was rooting for the underdogs so of course I’m a little sad for Arizona, but really, usually the ads are my favorite part, how about you?  I watched the ones I missed on Hulu.com.  Did you have a favorite?

Lets see.  There were the Clydesdales, cars (snooze), tires, Conan, job boards, the monkeys, the Doritos… I did like the Doritos ad.  How awesome of those two guys to make it for $2k and then get it aired during the biggest TV event of the year?  I bet they land awesome creative jobs since they certainly pegged their audience.  What did you think of the eTrade ads with the talking babies?  People seem to love or hate them.  I’m in the latter camp.  I don’t know why, I just find them creepy.  I admit though, that at the end of the most recent one when the one baby starts singing again, it is a little cute.  But still, creepy.  I also loved the CareerBuilder.com ad. You might be ready to look for a new job if ….  I laughed out loud at that one.  Frankly that’s the barometer for me.  Ads in general need to move me in some way for me to pay attention and an actual out loud laugh is the highest ranking from me.

As long as we’re talking about ads, I just saw one yesterday that was awesome and I spent way too much time looking for it.  I thought it was for Trident but I guess not since I couldn’t find it.  If someone finds it, please send it my way.  There is a woman walking through an open air market carrying a bunch of things including some bags and a lamp.  As the camera pulls away you can see she is carrying quite a bit, and wearing 5 inch heels, and I think it was even a cobblestone street.  Who hasn’t been there!?!  She somehow opens her purse to get something ( I can’t remember what) and has one handle of it in her teeth when a guy on a scooter or a motorcycle comes by and tries to mug her by grabbing the purse out of her mouth.  Of course her toothy grip is so strong he can’t wrench it free and falls off the bike and lands flat on his back.  She owes her strong teeth to the gum she chews.  Of course.  Maybe it’s not genius and it’s not really funny, but it was unexpected.  I thought it would be an ad for shoes or travel or even a car since it seems 90% of ads now are for cars, but no.  Gum!  Surprise!

What about the Mac ads?  Genius or boring?  Justin Long has certainly come a long way since then.  He was on Ellen on Monday and he said Mac gives him a 15% discount in addition to some products.  I should think so!  He should be set up for a lifetime of products since he’s a walking advertisement for them.  Not many people know his name but I’m sure he gets “Hey Mac guy!” all the time.  Those ads for the past 3 years have been a big part of the reason Mac has a broader appeal now than ever before.  

What are some of your favorites?


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