Crying like a little girl

People.  I am crying like a little girl.  Instead of letting my baby nap in his crib or bouncy chair this morning, I’m selfishly holding him on my chest, all snuggled up in a little ball by my neck.  I can’t put him down.  My emotions are just under the surface due to, well, the little bundle, but also lack of sleep.  He and I have a cold.  I never get sick, my defenses are down.  I have the laptop on the coffee table in front of me and I’m watching episodes of Desperate Housewives and Burn Notice.  When I have to “Click to Continue” I hit the button with my big toe.  That’s right, my big toe;  so I don’t disturb the bundle of gooey love that is asleep and breathing into my neck.  Why am I crying?  That last episode of DH with Eli Skruggs just did me in.  The bundle just woke up, we had a chat, and now he’s chilling in his chair while I type this note.  Ooop, he’s done chilling.  More later.


One response to “Crying like a little girl

  1. first of all, Oscar didn’t nap anywhere but in my arms until he was four months old. for realsies. so if you want to hold your baby all day, you hold him all day.

    second, it sounds like you have a spot of PPD, or the baby blues, totaly normal. your hormones are crazy right now, especially if you are breastfeeding. make sure you are eating well and sleeping when you can. be kind to yourself. this too shall pass.

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