Still no- almost 41 weeks

So, tomorrow, Friday, is 41 weeks.  Per doctor’s advice, I’m going to the hospital tonight to start the inducing process and then hopefully deliver baby #1 on Friday.


I wish the baby would just show up already.  Is she/ he not ready?  Is my body not ready?  What is the issue?  I’ve had the spicy foods, the walks, the recommended eggplant parmesan from the local italian place with the reputation for getting things moving.  But no.  I know, that if my body isn’t ready, all the things in the world, except drugs, won’t get things going.

So, send me good vibes, and I’ll get back to you in a few days hopefully.  Meanwhile, Jenni at Oscarelli is hopefully delivering today so send her good vibes as well.  I wrote a guest post for her, about the funnest Thanksgiving Husband and I have had in a long time, that she plans to publish on Monday but I don’t blame her if she doesn’t.  Clearly she will have more important things going on.  You should check her blog out regardless. 

So, I’ll get back to you with an update soon.  Good vibes to everyone.  Deep breath, some ice cream for lunch.


4 responses to “Still no- almost 41 weeks

  1. Sending good vibes your way. Good luck with the baby, it’s so frustrating to have to wait this long, isn’t it? Pregnancy should be five weeks long…

  2. good luck w/your induction. dont’ know if you’ve seen – but my baby turned LATE, and I was sent home from the hospital this morning. Never has a woman been so happy to be 41 weeks pregnant.

  3. crazylovescompany

    I didn’t see that, so very happy for you. I know you were doing everything you could to make things happen. Phew!

  4. hmmmm, you’re not my cousin are you!?!? She was due last Friday and has a booked induction on the 17th if she doesn’t have the baby before then!! Good luck!!

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