Down the street- a Queen of Hindsight moment

When I was in college there was this boy, because in college they are still boys, and I had the biggest crush on him.  I’m pretty sure he liked me too because we hung out now and then at each other’s place and went out, but he made me totally nervous.  Really nervous.  I made a complete ass out of myself around him.  Here is a nice example.  Keep in mind that I’m maybe 20 years old.  Old enough to behave better, but still, a dork.

I am picking him up to go somewhere.  I pull up to his house and instead of pulling in the driveway, or on the street in front of the house I pull up ACROSS THE STREET 2 HOUSES DOWN.  He’s actually out front hanging out with his roommates and sees me drive up.  He waits a second, thinking that surely I’ll come to the house, but no. I’m like some shady drug dealer.  I don’t drive over.  I wait 2 houses down and wave.  He comes over and we go do whatever we did.  I don’t remember.  But I sure as hell remember that I was so awkward about driving up to his house.  I don’t know why.  I should have just driven up like a normal person, said hi to the roomies, but no.  This boy made me so nervous and crazy.  God I really liked him.  I was an idiot around him.  Good thing I grew out of that.


2 responses to “Down the street- a Queen of Hindsight moment

  1. That’s something dorky I would have done…..

  2. Thank god we’re not still 20. It really is a painful time.

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