Ozzy mumbles, texts instead. Really?

Has anyone else seen the TV ad with Ozzy Osborne promoting a phone?  It’s funny.  Not funny ha ha, but funny strange.  Have you heard him?  He mumbles, which is the point.  Evidently the best feature of this phone, or at least the one they decided to promote, is it’s keyboard and texting ease.  In the commercial Ozzy tries to communicate with a few people and no one can understand anything he says.  So he texts them instead.  The barista, the cab driver and the therapist.  Right.  I get the humor because he mumbles, but the man doesn’t seem coordinated or stable enough to dial a phone let alone actually text some thing coherent.  Anyway, the video is below.

It’s not creepy like that texting ad with heads on the thumbs, but still weird.  Perhaps I’m not the target audience.


One response to “Ozzy mumbles, texts instead. Really?

  1. Okay, so still pregnant? Blech.

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