Listlessness Mondays: Things I want to learn

Thanks to abdpbt and Anna’s Listlessness Mondays for helping me with many post ideas.  As the title says, this is a list of things I really want need to learn.  Any experts out there with words of wisdom?  What do you need?

  • how to hot wire a car (I know it’s illegal but I’m sure it will come in handy)
  • how to fold a fitted bed sheet so it’s not just a blob
  • roll my ‘Rs’
  • whistle really high using my fingers
  • learn a party trick (I can juggle 3 limes, but that only gets me so far)
  • become a better conversationalist, especially at networking things where I know maybe one person
  • how to be a great mom

3 responses to “Listlessness Mondays: Things I want to learn

  1. Folding a fitted sheet is all about the corners. Get all of them tucked into each other, lay the sheet on the bed, tidy it up into a square then fold away.

    P.S. I’ve shown my HB how to do this a million times and he still can’t do it. I think it is deliberate.

  2. I have tried to whistle with my fingers many times, and just can’t do it! I always thought it would be a very useful skill, especially as a teacher during recess duty!

  3. my dad can hotwire a car AND to the high pitched finger in mouth whistle. unfortunately, these things are not genetic.

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