40 weeks

Ok, you probably don’t want to hear this, I don’t blame you, but I’ve already bent the ears of everyone else I know.  Today I am 40 weeks and there is zero progress.  I’m torn between wanting this baby to show up when she/ he is good and ready, and getting the process started already.  Maybe I’m ready for spicy foods and more than a 10 minute walk.  Don’t mention sex.  Yes I know, sperm has the hormone yadda yadda, but I’m kinda over it.  It’s not that fun right now, I’m getting uncomfortable and after?  After, the baby moves non-stop for a good 2 hours and it’s really ridiculous.  Big moves.  As if the baby is trying to burst out of my ribcage.  So, naturally things hopefully happen in a few days or some type of drug based induction sometime soon.  I was kind of looking forward to the spontaneity of labor, and I know it’s not out of the running yet, but hey.  I should know that nothing goes how you envision it.  As long as we have a healthy baby in the end right?  Right.  I know that.  I think I’m just anxious to meet the baby.


3 responses to “40 weeks

  1. Oh, don’t feel too bad! I had zero progress with Oscar until the day I went into labor. It happens that way a lot with first timers. Also, with second timers (hi, I mean ME.)

    If you get desperate you can always try caster oil. Acupuncture worked for me – I got poked and my water broke six hours later. But really, they come when they are ready. I know you don’t want to hear that but it is true.

    Good luck in the home stretch. The waiting is way harder the first time. Get walking!

  2. Good luck with this! It’s frustrating when it doesn’t go as planned but either way, you’ll have a baby in the end! Both of mine were induced exactly two weeks early, one because I was leaking fluid and the other because she wasn’t moving on the fetal stress test (she was napping). I was disappointed the first time around since I didn’t get to experience the whole “OMG, I’m in labor” thing but I’m over it. Good luck, I hope something happens soon!

  3. I know you LOVE this question, but are you still pregnant? I so feel your frustration. I had to be induced post date with BOTH of my kids–I guess they are lazy. But with my two year-old, I started getting weirdly depressed at the end. Like, part of me believed that he would never be born. Once the due date passed, I just grew gloomier and gloomier. Crazy. But I hear you, especially on being tired of sex. There is only so much you can do it, right?

    Good luck!

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