How NaBloPoMo kicked my ass.

Well.  A month of daily posting.  Done.  Will I do it again?  Will you?

It did make me think very hard about interesting topics for posts, but at the same time, some of the posts I did write were just not very good.  They felt like filler.  They were filler.  I don’t see the reason to post, just to post.  I want to write when I’m inspired to write about something.  Some wacky thing about human nature that just happened.  Something I was recently reminded of that is relevant today.  Timely items and the not so timely.  

Being forced to write each day reinforced that I enjoy this blogging thing but it also emphasized for me that I hate deadlines.  So it will be a long time before I do NaBloPoMo again.  It was a hard month for me.  In case you couldn’t tell.

I hope to still participate in Anna’s Listlessness Mondays because those are good for inspiration.  I plan to write when something moves me, but shoot for 3 times a week, because I need some sort of goal.  So, while NaBloPoMo kicked my ass this month, I probably needed it.  Maybe CrazyLovesCompany will be better for it.  

In the meantime, happy December and I’ll chat with you soon.


3 responses to “How NaBloPoMo kicked my ass.

  1. I hear you with the WAY too much blogging. I’m planning something similar, to only post 4 times a week or so, whenever I’m feeling it..

  2. yah, i didn’t even try, so good for you. but I’m really looking foward to not having 197 posts in my reader every single day.

  3. I am with you. It was fun but WHOA. That was a lot of blogging for me. It roughly doubled my previous rate of posting. Congrats on having survived!

    P.S. My fabulous prize has yet to materialize. 😦

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