Table talk and week 39

Good morning!  Yesterday afternoon celebrated T- day with friends since both husband and I are without family here.  We had a great time and hope you did too.  Turned out to be 8 of us.  Husband and I, a recently married couple that are super friends, the guy’s mom and sister who came from New England, and 2 other men.  The guys are married with kids but due to job commitments (one is an anesthesiologist who was on call and I forget the other) their wives took the kids to visit family and left the husbands to fend for themselves.  My girlfriend took pity on them and invited them over.  All together a pretty lively evening. You can read about the conversations of this crazy group at Oscarelli in the next several days when I guest post for Jenni while she is getting ready for the birth of her baby.  

Topics include:

  • inappropriate conversation about my nursing
  • a russian immigrant’s view on gun control and his love for the president elect
  • awkward moments with the sister
  • counting the times I needed to get up to pee over the course of 5 hours

Oh, and I’m at week 39 today and FYI, I have no blogging plan for when the baby comes.  I just want to hold out a few more days so I can stay committed to NaBloPoMo!  Anyone interested in doing a little guest post for me?

So, what did you talk about at the table?


One response to “Table talk and week 39

  1. Sounds like a great gathering! Can’t wait to hear more about the inappropriate and awkard parts! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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