Gobble Gobble

I don’t expect anyone to be online today, but because of the NaBloPoMo commitment, I am here.  As are hundreds of other bloggers.  No, don’t get up.  I’m fine.  Below is a photo of my baking efforts yesterday.  Husband and I were committed to bringing a dessert for the small gathering we are going to today.  Husband made the cake (chocolate with ganache filling and peppermint icing) and I did the cookies. The cake is a first time recipe.  The other guests are guinea pigs.  But they don’t know.  When I come back tonight I expect to have gained 10 pounds.  I’m blaming it on the baby.



3 responses to “Gobble Gobble

  1. that cake looks just divine!! I want a piece!!

  2. I’m here too, NaBloPoMo is kicking my butt but it’s almost over. Those desserts look extra good right now, we had to come home from my parents sans desserts since bedtime was rapidly approaching… Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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