Swill Stroganoff

I loved the Muppets practically more than any other show on TV when I was a kid.  I saw the movies, watched the specials, and my favorite skits were always “Pigs in Space”.  Do you remember how the announcer would draw it out?  Piiiiigssss innnnnn Spaaaaaaace!  The drama. The excitement.  Miss Piggy was awesome.  Kermit (or Kermie as he was called by Miss Piggy) rocked, but so did the other guys.  I loved the Swedish Chef, and Animal and Gonzo.  Can’t you just hear their voices in your head?  Genius.  So, in honor of the Muppets, I have embedded two classic Pigs in Space skits below.  They’re short.  You either get it or you don’t.  Something a little disturbing now though, the laugh track.  I don’t remember that.


3 responses to “Swill Stroganoff

  1. I love the Muppets. I’m actually sitting her in my Animal t-shirt as we speak, he’s my all time favorite Muppet. Piggggggggggsssssss in Spaccccccccccccccccee!! I had forgotten about that.

  2. Okay, first time here and you wow me with “Pigs in Space”? Classic Muppets! (BTW, my aunt Carmela is the inspiration for Gonzo’s favorite chicken. She was Jim Henson’s assistant for years.)
    I loved that show so much. I remember from a dancing scene where the man says to his partner, “My feet are killing me.” And his partner thinks he’s just tired. Then he says, “No, they’re really trying to kill me!” as his feet launch an attack.
    Good times, good times..

  3. crazylovescompany

    I totally remember Carmela. What a claim to fame for your aunt! Love it.

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