So bored.

I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy addict but sometimes I watch the episodes online when I just want to chill and put my feet up.  I love the craziness.  Where else can you hear lines like this:

“No poop for you.”

“I resent the appendix for getting hot and needing to come out.”

Katherine Heigel wanted a better storyline for Izzie.  I think she got it.  She’s seeing hallucinations of her dead fiance, Denny, and not just that but has such a vivid imagination she actually has sex, hot sex, with him.  Or his ghost.  I feel for her, she has problems.  Clearly she enjoyed herself so power to her.  But please, they all have problems.  And the interns doing surgery on each other?  WTF? How can they not be given some type of punishment other than “no Operating Rooms for you.”  

Well, that killed 45 minutes.  It’s cold and windy and I’m bored.  I need a project.  No, I’m not ‘nesting’.  I don’t have the urge to clean anything, but I need to get off my ass.  I’m even annoying my puppy trying to get her to play with me.   She just wants to stay outside and watch the leaves swirl around.


Maybe I’ll channel Betty Crocker and make some cookies.  Yessss, that’s a good idea.  Or I could vacuum.  Hmm, I’m going to go take the butter out.

Hope you’re doing something more interesting with your day!


2 responses to “So bored.

  1. Hi! I wanted to leave a comment for your list yesterday, but couldn’t type due to holding a cranky, sick one-year-old. (She’s better today!) A sign that you’re super pregnant…you can’t sleep and yet you know you have to get some sleep because there won’t be any sleeping once the baby gets here. Hope the rest of your day perked up!

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