Listlessness Mondays – Signs you’re super pregnant, in case you weren’t sure.

Thank you to the ladies at BabyCenter for helping with this week’s list.  The baby is taking all of my brain cells and I needed help.  Shout out to abdpbt for Listlessness Mondays!

Signs that you are late in your pregnancy, according to me and a bunch of other women due in December. So, there’s your source.

  • The police tell you to stop calling because they CAN’T issue an eviction notice for your unborn child.
  • You drop your keys on the floor and stand there and decide if its really worth it to bend over and pick them up.
  • You spill half of dinner on the floor and instead of cleaning it up, you call the dog, who never gets people food. (and she happily comes running.)
  • Your husband yells out asking if you’re ok because he can hear you grunting while you put your pants on.
  • You only wear slip on shoes.
  • You can no longer “trim the jungle” because you can’t see the jungle.
  • You are constantly pulling your pants up and shirt down.
  • You never pass a bathroom without making a stop.
  • You used to be the fast walker in the relationship but now you’re the slow poke.
  • That AirTran ad about the kids leaving the grandkids with the grandparents makes you laugh and cry at the same time. (don’t leave us with the babies!) 
  • Your husband pulls you up out of the couch or follows you up the stairs to push you along.
  • It feels like your baby is trying to emerge through your ribcage.

Anything to add?


One response to “Listlessness Mondays – Signs you’re super pregnant, in case you weren’t sure.

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