It’s so good!

Internet.  Yesterday afternoon I made popcorn.  I know, big woop right?  But it was not microwaved.  I have gone for 10 years without a microwave.  I know, why?  Well, for various reasons, usually because of lack of kitchen space, and then we just got used to not having one.  Well, about a month ago I got a hankering for popcorn so I bought a jar that required the corn being put in either a hot air popper or a pot with a lid.  Well, since I hate buying things that have only one purpose, I’m not buying a popper, but a pot and lid?  That I have.  I have never opened the jar, until yesterday.  I popped corn.  It was so good.  Did I butter and salt it?  What do you think?  Pictures below of the popped corn in all it’s glory.  I might have eaten the whole bowl.  Well, it wasn’t for me, it was for the baby.  So, now that I have an open jar of corn, what other flavors are good?  I’ve been craving it almost every afternoon so it will get eaten.  I’m thinking I need something sweet, with carmel or cinnamon, and something savory, like white cheddar.  Recommendations?

In the pot:


In the bowl, in all it’s salty goodness.  Not really doing it justice here.  I should take a class in food photography.



4 responses to “It’s so good!

  1. That looks delicious, I’ve been meaning to try air popped popcorn for a while. I have a friend who swears by sprinkling it with some sort of ranch flavored powder.

  2. Melt butter and honey together. Drizzle.

  3. I love popped corn on the stove – this is how my mom made it when we were kids.

  4. Yum! My husband is a serious, hardcore popcorn addict. He makes it on the stove, in a pot, every night. It’s great, but here’s the gross part. He has a special, dedicated popcorn pot that I’m not allowed to wash. He says it’s “seasoned.” When people come over I hide it in the garage.

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