People’s Sexiest

Did you hear?  People Magazine chose Hugh Jackman as the Sexiest Man for 2008.  Thoughts?  I know this isn’t a hot topic, but frankly people, I’ve hit a wall on day 20 of NaBloPoMo.  So why not discuss something at least timely.  Sure, we could talk politics, or babies, but lets mix it up with some hotness.

I think Hugh is hot.  He has the right combo of romance, good looking-ness, sense of humor and I am a sucker for an accent.  I imagine that meeting him in person he would be charming, smile, a kiss on the cheek, a little light conversation, a little disarming, and his smile would kill me.  I bet he’s a dog person, prefers winter to summer and likes ethnic food.  Mmmmmmmm. And I love that he has been married for 12 years with two kids who are probably absolutely gorgeous.  I’d like to think he’s very down to earth and is an excellent family guy.  That’s sexy.  

I don’t think he is the most awesome actor ever, but that’s not what People Magazine was going for.  They wanted SEXY, and since Brad and George have both been honored twice, they realized it was time to move on. And besides, nothing helps promote a new movie like a People cover.


One response to “People’s Sexiest

  1. He’s hot, but I don’t think he’s Clooney hot.

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