Trip down memory lane- thanks mom!

Every once in a while over the last 2 years my mom has sent me big manilla envelopes.  Envelopes filled with…. random mementos from my childhood education.  When she came to visit she brought the motherlode.  Contents included:

  • 11 A+ spelling tests from 3rd or 4th grade
  • several tear out activities from grammar school
  • 3 excellent short stories from grammar school, fully illustrated in crayon
  • various certificates saying “good job” and “excellent” for reading and volunteering in class (do schools still do this?)
  • 5 programs from late grammar school and jr. high for either being in the chorus or…. playing coronet
  • 1 long division test with a 90% grade

Why just the one math test you ask?  Because even when I was 7 I sucked at math and that was probably the highest grade I ever got.


2 responses to “Trip down memory lane- thanks mom!

  1. coronet? what? people still play that?

  2. crazylovescompany

    Maybe not still. But 23 years ago they did. yikes. Don’t do the math on that.

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