How to rationalize chocolate as a health food

I almost listed dark chocolate as a health food last Monday, but then I realized that it really deserves its own post.  And it has to be dark chocolate, white chocolate isn’t really a chocolate and is missing the essential cocoa, and milk and semi-sweet have hardly any.  Stick with the dark.  That doesn’t mean it has to be 80% cocoa, but in my mind, at least 60%. There is no official definition of ‘dark chocolate’.  

Shout out to abdpbt for the Listlessness Mondays!  Having a topic ready for Monday has saved me with the daily NaBloPoMo posting.  Thanks!

Reasons dark chocolate is a healthfood:

  • WebMD says dark chocolate can lower blood pressure 
  • it has antioxidents
  • it’s a legume, which is really a vegetable, or a fruit.  I got mixed results looking that one up.
  • it releases endorphins, which make me happy, which makes me healthier
  • if I’m happy, more people are happy, which makes more people happy.  Really I’m doing the world a service by having a little chocolate

Anecdotally, if you’re really feeling a little blue, a glass of red wine and a little dark chocolate will do wonders for you!  God I miss that.  For a good definition of different types of chocolates, try wikipedia.

Also, have you noticed there are several different types of chocolate eaters?

Those that savor it: Give me a good piece of chocolate and I’ll nibble it, let it just melt in my mouth, and it will last for 30 minutes.

Those that snarf it: Exhibit A- my husband.  He eats it when he is hungry.  I hate that.  Have a sandwich, not my good chocolate; it’s wasted on you.

Those that think white chocolate is the best: News flash.  It’s not chocolate.  It’s fat and sugar.  At best it can be used as a decoration on real chocolate, but there is no chocolate flavor, so what’s the point?

Those that don’t see the difference between M&Ms and Valhrona truffles.  I have no problem with M&Ms, love them, they have saved me many times.  But sometimes I crave something really decadent, and M&Ms are not it.  Don’t snarf the Valhrona.

Are you a snarfer?


4 responses to “How to rationalize chocolate as a health food

  1. No snarfing allowed here. We sit at the dinner table with our after dinner glass of red wine and a small piece of dark chocolate. 72% for us.

    Come on over when you are allowed.

  2. I savior dark chocolate.

    And, also, it contains caffine, good for energy for the laboring mom.

  3. Totally not a snarfer. I CAN eat a lot of it, but not quickly.

    And white chocolate? Ewwwwwwwww.

  4. Snarfer here! I love dark chocolate, milk chocolate, whatever chocolate. White chocolate I probably like the least, but that’s not saying much.

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