Well, I am loosing a whole day of my mom.  I thought she was staying through Tuesday, but no.  Her flight is at 8am on Monday.  It’s not right.  We’ve had a wonderful time, but it has zipped by.  Her gut instinct is that I will be having this baby early.  As in a week from today.  And I’m not due until December 6.  Yikes.  Any last minute words of wisdom?


2 responses to “Bummed

  1. Have sex with your husband – it will be a while before you are able to/want to again so it’s good to try and do it a few times right before the birth. Also, sperm is supposed to stimulate labor.

    Also, sleep as much as humanly possibly. I know it is hard now, but it’s going to be impossibly in two weeks.

    Good luck!

  2. crazylovescompany

    OMG, I don’t know if I want to stimulate labor!

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