A moment

So, I had a ‘moment’ this morning.  I was feeling so emotional.  It was 7am on a Saturday, and I was a little freaked out about the prospect of our baby showing up any day now.  I’m 37 weeks along, the baby room is done, we have diapers and wipes, husband is taking at least a week off right away, we’ve talked about everything, everything is set right?  As long as there is a place for baby to sleep, she can eat, and we have our diaper changing needs, we are good right?  I think I’m more emotionally freaked out.  We are going to be parents.  Parents.  Mom and dad.  I know, after that last post about doing the best we can do, why am I doubting myself?  We will be good parents.  We will do the best we can. We are excited about the new baby, thrilled really.  I can’t pinpoint what is making me so emotional.  So I’m just going with hormones.  My body is whacked right now; I’m lucky I can remember what I got up to get 5 minutes ago.  It will be good.

On a side note, we rented a great indy movie last night.  “Finding Amanda”.  It starred Matthew Broderick and featured a few smaller actors that look familiar but I couldn’t name.  He’s a TV writer with a whole series of issues that goes out to get his niece in Vegas because she might be a drug using hooker.  It’s a little bit of a dark comedy, excellent for a rainy Friday night.


One response to “A moment

  1. Definately hormones. You’ll do fine – baby will get here and you will just be a mom, like you’ve been one for you whole life.

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