Do you have anything that you’ve kept secret for a long time from your parents?  

And now that time has gone by you wouldn’t mind telling them, but it’s not something to just blurt out?  Well, I did.  Yesterday I told mom.  Not earth shattering, but it made my mom question her parenting skills just a little, which was horrible.  She was an excellent mom.  Both my parents were, and still are awesome.  There is nothing she could have done differently that would have changed what happened in my life.  I firmly believe that what happens to you, good, bad or indifferent, makes you what you are today.  If I hadn’t been through this little thing that had been secret for 15 years, which may be the subject of another post down the road, maybe not, I know I would not be the person I am today and I would not have the very fortunate and happy life I have now.  I think all parents can do is the best they can.  And as kids we might see ways they parent that we agree with and don’t agree with and we’ll take that and it will form the base of how we parent.  That’s what I’m aiming for.  Doing the best we can.


One response to “Sigh

  1. You know, whenever I get too freaked out about being a crappy parent (because we all feel this way sometimes) I just remind myself that I’m the only mom Oscar knows and he thinks I’m great. And that’s good enough.

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