37 weeks!

While my mom has been here we have been running all over the place, so forgive what will be short posts for the next few days.  We have accomplished quite a bit though.  Shout out to mom!

  • baby room almost done! (it will be 100% done by the time she leaves Tuesday); still looking for a great colorful rug, need to buy NB diapers and I’d like some type of chair in there
  • sorted through all the bags of things neighbors and friends have given us and either thrown it out, donated it, washed and put it away or finally, put it away for when the kid is a little bigger.  What throws a smallish wrench into it is that since we don’t know if baby is a boy or girl, all the stuff we have out for the next 3 months is gender neutral.  We also have a big box of very ‘boy’ stuff for after 3 months.  If we don’t have a boy, it will get donated. 
  • overnight bag, packed!
  • peace of mind; mom has restored my sanity.  I am less crazy.  I think.

On a side note, we were at the vet yesterday and he asks how far along I am.  I tell him 37 weeks.  HE says, oh, just 3 weeks to go!  

So, I realized that since the dr. wouldn’t let me go more than a week after my due date, that within 4 weeks we will have a baby in the house.  It could be tomorrow, it could be in 2 weeks, or even 4.  But definitely within 4 weeks, we will be parents.  That is a crazy thought.  I don’t know why that didn’t really dawn on me before.  I mean, I can do the math.  Pregnancy is about 40 weeks, I’m 37 weeks along…. duh.  But when someone else says it, it made it more real.  But it’s good.  It’s fine.  We’re ready.


One response to “37 weeks!

  1. Ready? Bawhahahahaah!

    But seriously, it is crazy to think, isn’t it? You’ll be holding your daughter or son four weeks from now. And you’ll completely forget that you ever had any other life.

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