Can people change?

My mom, husband and I were talking about if people can change.  It came down to this:

Mom says that people can not change.

Husband says that people do change.

I’m somewhere in between.

I think some things can be changed, behaviors, beliefs, attitudes… but there is something inherent to people that can’t.  Not like people are born good or bad, I think all babies start out with a clean slate and are good.  They are influenced to a certain extent and then the people they grow into have to make decisions with the knowledge they have that impact their lives.

We were trying to decide what factors are involved and this is what we have come up with.  Yes, wine, for husband and mom, was drunk.

– People have to want to change

– Their environment contributes

– The role models in their lives contribute

– Age/ experience is a factor 

For example, is this true:

Once a person cheats on someone in a relationship, they will always be a cheater.

I think as an adult, yes.  But if you cheated on your high school boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you’re going to cheat on your boyfriend of 2 years when you’re 28.  You’re more mature emotionally, you’ve had more experiences and have learned from them.

It’s an interesting topic that got us to thinking about family, parenting, examples of parenting that husband and I do and do not want to use on our kiddo.

Forgive the shortness of these posts, my mom is here for another week and I am trying really hard to post once a day for NaBloPoMo but it’s getting tough.

What are your thoughts on people changing?


One response to “Can people change?

  1. I think people can change. Alcoholics can quit drinking – they may always be alcoholics, but they can change their behaviors and be in recovery. People also change their political views all the time.

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