Moms cooking

I am so glad my mom is coming tomorrow for over a week.  I am craving her cooking.  Something with meat and mashed potatoes.  Maybe meatloaf, maybe roast chicken, maybe pan fried something.  Something with a crust.  My acid reflux is killing me (thanks baby) and a big ‘ol bowl of hot buttery mashed potatoes sounds wonderful.  Actually, pizza with sausage and mushrooms sounds awesome to me too but the sauce, the sauce I will regret for days and you can’t have pizza without sauce.

Several years ago my mom, sister and I did something a little crafty, which is not like me or my mom but definitely my sister, and it’s a great idea.  So I’m sharing with you, for free.

Mom has some awesome recipes and some of them are just in her head.  So, sister and I plastered some plain wood hinged lid boxes with fun stuff from magazines, words, pictures of favorite foods, (that’s called something right?  Is that decoupage?) and then we raided mom and her official recipe box for our fave recipes and wrote them down for each other, so we’d each have a copy.  At least 8 years have passed and I’ve used every recipe in that box and even added to it when something was deemed worthy.  Sure, we could have done something a little more technologically advanced with the recipes, but there is something I just love about looking at that little box and rifeling through the cards when I’m looking for something.  Especially when I find one in my mom’s cryptic recipe code.  C. = cup,   T. = tablespoon,  t. = teaspoon,  AP flour is all purpose flour… you get the picture.  

So there you go.  Call the cook in your family and get the recipes now.


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