Listlessness Mondays – or: “how to pay your mortgage by blogging”

Just kidding!

Shout out to abdpbt for Listlessness Mondays!  Ok, so clearly Anna has spent a good deal of time listing her 70 +3 ways to boost blog traffic.  How does she find the time between dispensing child rearing advice, being a political commentator, starting The Bathroom Wall and being a TV critic?  I suspect drugs.  Check it out.

My own list this week is pretty lame tame, but it’s been on my mind.  My career, when I was employed, had a large focus on words.  I wrote, a lot.  I edited more.  I read volumes of crap.  Some words just flow off the tongue.  Some, not so much, but are still fun to say.  I realize I miss the writing and even the editing.  I’ll try to do better here in the future but I can’t make any promises.  I do promise to try to work these words into more posts and everyday conversation.

6 words I love.

  • akimbo
  • amok
  • alliteration
  • Monongahela 
  • schmuck
  • snarky

Bonus word: strategery

As in: What kind of strategery do I need to implement to generate more blog traffic?

This totally made up word is typically used in corporate settings by someone in mid-level management who is suffering from a hangover and is hoping someone younger and smarter in the meeting can actually understand and answer this question.


6 responses to “Listlessness Mondays – or: “how to pay your mortgage by blogging”

  1. good list – i also love amok.

  2. Nice list. I use amok and snarky fairly regularly, but I need to try to work in the rest of them.

    PS No, no drugs, unless you count coffee and “nanny” as drugs. 🙂

  3. Monongahela feels greats when you say it! I never even lived anywhere near the Monongahela, but my husband used to live in Pittsburgh and each time I visited I felt that he was so lucky to live in a place with such a brilliant history of naming!

  4. I like schmuck a lot but my current favorite is skulking.

  5. Amok is nice, but it always reminds me of that Star Trek episode where Mr. Spock went into the crazy Vulcan mating fever, and had to fight that mean, big Vulcan in the weird death match thing. I think that episode was called “amok time,” which confused my child brain into thinking that “amok” was a word made up by the show. I am in no way as big a nerd as this comment makes me sound.

  6. Ooh. These are good. I love schmuck. I’m a huge fan of Yiddish, lately I find myself saying “schlumpy” and “schlepp” a lot, too.

    Of course, I’m just a shiksha (girl gentile), so that makes me sound even more ridiculous.

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