What happened with the dinners? Puppy, and other crucial Sunday updates.

Well, all went well with dinners.  I actually made the dinner for the other family on Friday and zipped it over before trick or treat time.  So on Saturday I just made dinner as usual and it turned out great, if I do say so myself.

Today is a gorgeous day outside.  We actually remembered to set our clocks back and enjoyed an extra hour of sleep.  Yea for sleep!

But now I am craving bacon so I’m going to go make breakfast.  If husband is smart he’ll hear it sizzling and get up to join me before I eat it all.  It could happen. 

We’re visiting some friends that just got married and are moving into a new house, this afternoon.  This morning we’re taking puppy to the dog park to burn off some energy.  People see her run around and say,”wow, she’ll be really tired for the rest of day.”  Um, no.  Actually, she may lay down in the car on the way home and just chill, but by the time she gets home she’s ready to do the whole thing over again.  If only there was a way to harness her energy, and her crazy.  What’s up with dogs chasing their tails?  She actually catches it now and then and nibbles on the end.  Is that weird?  I think so.  I think she also knows she’s cute and she works it to her advantage.  What?  You don’t want to go outside?  But I do, and look how cute I look and how well behaved I am.  I’m just sitting here on my mat, staring at you with my watery puppy dog brown eyes.  Not even whining.

I can not resist her charms.  Luckily, she doesn’t eat her own poop anymore because I think that is something I definitely could resist.

In other news, the bellie is getting big.  I played crying baby noises for the pup for about 20 minutes on and off yesterday.  At first, she was interested, then she just left the room.  Not bad for a first shot right?  I think she’ll be fine.  Any advice on how to help prep a 1 1/2 year old crazy puppy on bringing home baby?  We’ll bring home something that smells like baby, before we actually bring baby home.  But other than that, I don’t know how much can be done.  It’s a little bit of an experiment I guess.


One response to “What happened with the dinners? Puppy, and other crucial Sunday updates.

  1. Hmmm, getting dog ready for baby. We have three, so we’ve been there. One thing for certain is that it is really important that you establish the baby as pack leader in your house, so when you come home, make sure you and the baby always enter the room before the dog; if you walk w/the dog, make sure she stays behind the stroller, stuff like that. Doing some practice walks w/the dog behind the stroller (instead of leading the walk) is pretty helpful, if you’ll be walking dog and baby at the same time.

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