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How NaBloPoMo kicked my ass.

Well.  A month of daily posting.  Done.  Will I do it again?  Will you?

It did make me think very hard about interesting topics for posts, but at the same time, some of the posts I did write were just not very good.  They felt like filler.  They were filler.  I don’t see the reason to post, just to post.  I want to write when I’m inspired to write about something.  Some wacky thing about human nature that just happened.  Something I was recently reminded of that is relevant today.  Timely items and the not so timely.  

Being forced to write each day reinforced that I enjoy this blogging thing but it also emphasized for me that I hate deadlines.  So it will be a long time before I do NaBloPoMo again.  It was a hard month for me.  In case you couldn’t tell.

I hope to still participate in Anna’s Listlessness Mondays because those are good for inspiration.  I plan to write when something moves me, but shoot for 3 times a week, because I need some sort of goal.  So, while NaBloPoMo kicked my ass this month, I probably needed it.  Maybe CrazyLovesCompany will be better for it.  

In the meantime, happy December and I’ll chat with you soon.


Drooling on a baby. A Queen of Hindsight moment

So.  Several years ago a colleague of mine brought in her month old baby to the office with her partner. The baby was super cute.  He was gurgly and happy and the sweetest thing.  And then he threw up all over himself.  So they changed his shirt in her office and he was laying on her desk with his big baby belly and we’re all oohing and aahing and his big baby belly is exposed and I’m overcome with the desire to blow a big fat raspberry on his tummy.  So, I do.  It wasn’t weird, it was a very casual environment, I blew a raspberry on his tummy.  What was weird was that it was unexpectedly juicy and when I stood up there was a little string of my drool connecting the baby’s tummy to my lip for a second.  It seemed like hours.  I knew it happened.  I’m sure they saw it.  A string of drool, a wet juicy mark on their precious baby’s tummy.  I was hugely embarrassed.  I’m not related to them.  I WORK with her.  What did I do?  Nothing.  I should have made a joke, I should have played it off with some off hand comment about juiciness, said something like “oh my god, I drooled on your baby!” but no.  I did not.  I should have said something.  I just ignored it, hoping they wouldn’t notice.  But please.  They were standing right next to me.  They saw the string.  I never recovered.  People, this is at least 5 years ago.  It’s still fresh in my mind.  That’s not good.

Table talk and week 39

Good morning!  Yesterday afternoon celebrated T- day with friends since both husband and I are without family here.  We had a great time and hope you did too.  Turned out to be 8 of us.  Husband and I, a recently married couple that are super friends, the guy’s mom and sister who came from New England, and 2 other men.  The guys are married with kids but due to job commitments (one is an anesthesiologist who was on call and I forget the other) their wives took the kids to visit family and left the husbands to fend for themselves.  My girlfriend took pity on them and invited them over.  All together a pretty lively evening. You can read about the conversations of this crazy group at Oscarelli in the next several days when I guest post for Jenni while she is getting ready for the birth of her baby.  

Topics include:

  • inappropriate conversation about my nursing
  • a russian immigrant’s view on gun control and his love for the president elect
  • awkward moments with the sister
  • counting the times I needed to get up to pee over the course of 5 hours

Oh, and I’m at week 39 today and FYI, I have no blogging plan for when the baby comes.  I just want to hold out a few more days so I can stay committed to NaBloPoMo!  Anyone interested in doing a little guest post for me?

So, what did you talk about at the table?

Gobble Gobble

I don’t expect anyone to be online today, but because of the NaBloPoMo commitment, I am here.  As are hundreds of other bloggers.  No, don’t get up.  I’m fine.  Below is a photo of my baking efforts yesterday.  Husband and I were committed to bringing a dessert for the small gathering we are going to today.  Husband made the cake (chocolate with ganache filling and peppermint icing) and I did the cookies. The cake is a first time recipe.  The other guests are guinea pigs.  But they don’t know.  When I come back tonight I expect to have gained 10 pounds.  I’m blaming it on the baby.


Swill Stroganoff

I loved the Muppets practically more than any other show on TV when I was a kid.  I saw the movies, watched the specials, and my favorite skits were always “Pigs in Space”.  Do you remember how the announcer would draw it out?  Piiiiigssss innnnnn Spaaaaaaace!  The drama. The excitement.  Miss Piggy was awesome.  Kermit (or Kermie as he was called by Miss Piggy) rocked, but so did the other guys.  I loved the Swedish Chef, and Animal and Gonzo.  Can’t you just hear their voices in your head?  Genius.  So, in honor of the Muppets, I have embedded two classic Pigs in Space skits below.  They’re short.  You either get it or you don’t.  Something a little disturbing now though, the laugh track.  I don’t remember that.

So bored.

I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy addict but sometimes I watch the episodes online when I just want to chill and put my feet up.  I love the craziness.  Where else can you hear lines like this:

“No poop for you.”

“I resent the appendix for getting hot and needing to come out.”

Katherine Heigel wanted a better storyline for Izzie.  I think she got it.  She’s seeing hallucinations of her dead fiance, Denny, and not just that but has such a vivid imagination she actually has sex, hot sex, with him.  Or his ghost.  I feel for her, she has problems.  Clearly she enjoyed herself so power to her.  But please, they all have problems.  And the interns doing surgery on each other?  WTF? How can they not be given some type of punishment other than “no Operating Rooms for you.”  

Well, that killed 45 minutes.  It’s cold and windy and I’m bored.  I need a project.  No, I’m not ‘nesting’.  I don’t have the urge to clean anything, but I need to get off my ass.  I’m even annoying my puppy trying to get her to play with me.   She just wants to stay outside and watch the leaves swirl around.


Maybe I’ll channel Betty Crocker and make some cookies.  Yessss, that’s a good idea.  Or I could vacuum.  Hmm, I’m going to go take the butter out.

Hope you’re doing something more interesting with your day!

Listlessness Mondays – Signs you’re super pregnant, in case you weren’t sure.

Thank you to the ladies at BabyCenter for helping with this week’s list.  The baby is taking all of my brain cells and I needed help.  Shout out to abdpbt for Listlessness Mondays!

Signs that you are late in your pregnancy, according to me and a bunch of other women due in December. So, there’s your source.

  • The police tell you to stop calling because they CAN’T issue an eviction notice for your unborn child.
  • You drop your keys on the floor and stand there and decide if its really worth it to bend over and pick them up.
  • You spill half of dinner on the floor and instead of cleaning it up, you call the dog, who never gets people food. (and she happily comes running.)
  • Your husband yells out asking if you’re ok because he can hear you grunting while you put your pants on.
  • You only wear slip on shoes.
  • You can no longer “trim the jungle” because you can’t see the jungle.
  • You are constantly pulling your pants up and shirt down.
  • You never pass a bathroom without making a stop.
  • You used to be the fast walker in the relationship but now you’re the slow poke.
  • That AirTran ad about the kids leaving the grandkids with the grandparents makes you laugh and cry at the same time. (don’t leave us with the babies!) 
  • Your husband pulls you up out of the couch or follows you up the stairs to push you along.
  • It feels like your baby is trying to emerge through your ribcage.

Anything to add?

Dreams are crazy

So, my weirdest pregnancy dream yet: 

Last night.  

I’m on some sort of space ship.  I’m fighting off aliens.  And then I call for back up.

Who do I call?

Dr. Spock.

Of course.

Why can’t I have sex dreams like every other pregnant woman? I hope that phrase doesn’t draw weirdos.

My first!

I have only been blogging for a few months and I have already been the recipient of an awesome blogging award.  I am honored.  I am humbled.  I am unsure of what to do.  One of my two readers has graciously given me the Kreativ Blogger award.  It is nice to know someone reads you and thinks you write something mildly interesting once in a while and I love that it’s from another blogger.  It’s link love at its finest.

So thank you Jenni at Oscarelli!  You rock my reader too.  Being pregnant at the same time has been an added bonus.  Sending you lots of good vibes!
As with most blogging awards, this one comes with rules:
– List 6 things that make you happy
– Pass the award on to 6 more kreativ bloggers
– Link back to the person who gave you the award
– Link to the people you pass it to and leave them a comment to let them know.
6 things that make me happy, not necessarily in order, are:
  1. knowing I’ll have our first baby within 3 weeks
  2. dark chocolate and red wine (but not right now)
  3. saying the right thing at the right time
  4. knowing I don’t have to date anymore
  5. seeing the car that passed me on the freeway doing 90 get pulled over 5 miles down the road
  6. finding the perfect gift for someone

The 6 bloggers that I would like to pass this award on to are ones that probably have ginormous audiences and they probably don’t get excited about things like this; but still, I think they rock.  Check them out.  All & Sundry, Defective Yeti, Suburban Matron, abdpbt, Sweet Juniper, Poop and Boogies.  Yes, I know they all have a parenting theme, but that’s what is on my mind right now as I currently have a 6 pound bambino trying to get out through my ribcage.  Seriously, there is a foot poking out from under my ribs and I think the other one is on my bladder.  That’s not right.

It’s so good!

Internet.  Yesterday afternoon I made popcorn.  I know, big woop right?  But it was not microwaved.  I have gone for 10 years without a microwave.  I know, why?  Well, for various reasons, usually because of lack of kitchen space, and then we just got used to not having one.  Well, about a month ago I got a hankering for popcorn so I bought a jar that required the corn being put in either a hot air popper or a pot with a lid.  Well, since I hate buying things that have only one purpose, I’m not buying a popper, but a pot and lid?  That I have.  I have never opened the jar, until yesterday.  I popped corn.  It was so good.  Did I butter and salt it?  What do you think?  Pictures below of the popped corn in all it’s glory.  I might have eaten the whole bowl.  Well, it wasn’t for me, it was for the baby.  So, now that I have an open jar of corn, what other flavors are good?  I’ve been craving it almost every afternoon so it will get eaten.  I’m thinking I need something sweet, with carmel or cinnamon, and something savory, like white cheddar.  Recommendations?

In the pot:


In the bowl, in all it’s salty goodness.  Not really doing it justice here.  I should take a class in food photography.