What’s for dinner? Help me! 2 dinners for 2 families.

So, I’m in a pickle.  I’m having friends of ours come over for dinner on Saturday night, which is no biggie.  We’re looking forward to it.  That is also the night I committed to bringing over dinner for a friend and her family down the street that just had a baby.  Also no biggie.  The biggie is that I need to provide 2 dinners for 2 families and I’m having a brain fart.  And at the dinner at our house I also want to have apps and a dessert.  I’m not above buying things, I love Trader Joe’s for goodies, but since I am currently, um, between jobs and super pregnant, I have time.  I should be able to do this.  The meal for the friend and her family I need to bring over, needs to be something that can be heated up easily, with not a lot of assembly for them, if any.  I’m thinking chicken enchiladas, using a pre-cooked chicken.  But I don’t know, I don’t love it.  

Any words of wisdom please on what to make for our dinner at home, which is just for 4 adults, and what to make for the family of 4 with the newborn?  

Hindsight, I think what the ‘biggie’ is, is that I keep thinking about the nursery.  It’s not done and I’m 34 weeks.  The furniture is there, I washed clothes and put them in drawers, but it is blah.  I need some decorations on the wall.  Something fun and gender neutral.  I’m near the edge.  The good thing is I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow morning so maybe that will help me get back away from the edge.


One response to “What’s for dinner? Help me! 2 dinners for 2 families.

  1. I’m going to post this on my site tomorrow, but since you’re looking for nursery decorations, my friend Greg just opened up and Etsy shop and is selling the CUTEST little animal prints that are perfect for a nursery. I’m getting like three myself, and they are totally reasonable priced – what you’d pay at target, but they are originals.


    Check it out!

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