Drink the water!

Good article in the NY Times about tap water vs. bottled water.  I saw it earlier but seeing it on Kottke reminded me, and reminded me of why I love Kottke.org.  He finds the most interesting random things, check it out.  Anyway, the bottom line of the NY Times article is in this excerpt:

The Environmental Working Group released a report Wednesday that charged that some bottled waters were “no different than tap water.” And it found fertilizer residue, pain medication and other chemicals in some major brands.

While a lot of bottled water may be as pure as promised in those alluring commercials, the real problem is telling which is which. Public water supplies are regulated by the federal government. Not so for bottled water. The Food and Drug Administration does have some oversight, but bottled water is not very high on their long list of priorities.

So, stop spending money on bottled water and spend it on something better.  Here’s some ideas to get you started: chocolates, pedicure, a $6 frappe, wine….


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