Take it already

I just read some great tips on Alpha Mom on how to take great portraits and candid photos.  I think for the past 5 years I’ve been trying to convince myself that I’m a decent picture taker with my point and shoot camera.  All I can say is thank goodness for digital.  When we went on vacation a few weekends ago I would have gone through 4 rolls of film, easy.  But, with the genius invention of digital cameras… instant gratification!  Or let down.  But at least if a picture sucks you can tell right away, delete it, and either do it again or abandon the thought.  

And what about those candid photos?  Uncle Bob is doing something hilarious but by the time you’ve grabbed the camera he’s stopped being hilarious and turned into a statue, assuming his “I’m ready for my picture to be taken” stance and fake smile.  Or someone is trying to capture a sweet moment between friends but by the time they click, the moment is gone.

Do you ever go to those art festivals where there are tons of booths filled with paintings, sculptures and framed photos?  We do sometimes and EVERYtime we go we see some amazing pictures.  We also see some that look like ones we have taken or could have taken.  Ok, maybe with ours the light isn’t as good, maybe the angle is is off a little, maybe the color isn’t as strong. So, what did we do?  On a trip to Europe last year we decided we were going to frame and hang at least 2 photos from the trip.  We went there with nothing but a mission, our point and shoot, and a ginormous memory card.

So, we snapped, we searched, we saved, we deleted and when we got back, we did it!  We have not 2, but 3 photos from our trip that we enlarged, matted, framed and hung in our house.  Ok, maybe the light could be a little better or the shot would have been better from the other side of the river, but they are good.  And even better, they are excellent everyday reminders of a wonderful vacation.  

What I need now, are tips on trying to capture the essence of ‘puppy’ when snapping our dog.  Thoughts?


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