Are you talkin’ to me?

We were at the off-leash dog park the other day and a man in his 50’s (not that it matters) is putting a leash on his dog right by the double doors before you leave you the park.  Another man, in his 30’s (not that it matters) walks by with his dog, which is off-leash, and the leashed dog barks at the un-leashed dog.  Nothing big, just saying ‘hi’ in dog language.  Mr. Off-Leash tells the Mr. Leash to control his dog.  Mr. Leash says that they are leaving and that the dog didn’t mean anything by the bark.  As Mr. Leash is leaving, Mr. Off-Leash yells “bitch!” after Mr. Leash.  What?  Yes, we were only 20 feet away while our dog was playing with another dog so we heard it all.  What the heck?

Have you ever watched dogs play together?  Inevitably there is a dog that is not assertive and a dog that is very assertive.  Could be small, big, old, young.  I’ve noticed our not very assertive puppy (she’s not a puppy anymore but she’s still puppy-like) play great with 99% of the dogs at the park.  That other 1 % is either a small over excited yippy thing that gets in her face but is all bark and no bite, or a mid-sized snarky thing that will nip at her enough until she rolls over in submission.  But she won’t bite or even really growl back to show she’s got some backbone.  She is 100 % “play with me, play with me!” all the time.  She’s also super cute. Take my word for it.  I’ll post a picture later this week.


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